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We are very grateful to all twelve ambassadors who kindly agreed to lend their support to the AP100 Campaign. They played a vital role in promoting the School, the Campaign and the value of Assisted Places. Click on a photo below or on the names on the list to find out more about each ambassador and why they supported the Campaign.


Oddie          Osborn           child        willets

  Bill Oddie (1959)           John Osborn (1962)        Jim Grant (1973)       David Willetts (1974)


 Sir Paul Ruddock (1976)          Stuart Southall (1976)           Metcalfe        Jonanthan Coe (1979)

Sir Paul Ruddock (1976) Stuart Southall (1976)      Ian Metcalfe (1976)    Jonathan Coe (1979)


Andy Street (1981)          Wagh           Lee Bushell (2000)          Tim Clarke (past parent)   

Andy Street (1981)           Mark Wagh (1995)       Lee Bushell (2000)         Tim Clarke (past parent)