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Launch events

House of Commons reception - Thursday, 5th June 2014

Hosted by the Rt Hon John Hemming MP, the first AP100 Campaign launch event took place on the 5th June. The reception commenced with drinks and canapés on the terrace at 7pm, with speeches at 7:45pm.

John Hemming MP welcomed everyone to the House of Commons and gave his support to the Campaign.  John Claughton then welcomed our Ambassadors, major donors, sponsors and Old Edwardians and explained the purpose behind the Campaign.  Finally Rajiv Gogna (2010) gave an inspirational address about the impact his Assisted Place and his time at King Edward's had had upon his life.  He said:

"Put simply, there are few places in the country a boy could hope to leave as rounded and prepared for life. I consider myself incredibly fortunate to have been able to attend King Edward's School and this was only possible due to the Assisted Place I received."

Photographs from the launch event at the House of Commons can be viewed here.

King Edward's School reception - Friday, 20 June 2014

Sir Paul Ruddock hosted a reception in the Sir Paul and Lady Ruddock Performing Arts Centre at King Edward's School. The reception commenced with drinks and canapés outside from 6:30pm, with speeches at 7:30pm. Following these, there was a splendid concert featuring, amongst others, Roberto Ruisi and Adam Phillips, two exceptional musicians who are in their final year. We also showcased a short film made for the campaign by two former pupils, Elliot and Zander Weaver - which can be viewed here. 

One of the speakers, George Hims (2010), gave a very entertaining address about his time at King Edward's and the impact his time at the school had upon his future career within Stage Management. He said:

"It is a testament to the quality of the school's facilities and staff that my imagination was suitably captured that I left wanting to pursue a career in the performing arts. And now, having trained at RADA, I find myself doing for a living what my Friday afternoons at KES were spent doing four years ago'.

Photographs from the launch event at King Edward's School can be viewed here.