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Message from the Chairman

 Stephen Campbell, Chairman of the Trust

Stephen Campbell

"I was delighted to become Chairman of The King Edward's School Birmingham Trust last summer.  The Trust was set up to receive donations for Assisted Places on behalf of King Edward's School and is a separate registered charity. 

My fellow Trustees, all of whom are Old Edwardians, and I believe that the introduction of this new Fund is vital to ensure that the school continues to open its doors to bright boys who deserve a place but cannot afford to come without some form of financial assistance.  

I have very close connections with King Edward's since not only was I a former pupil there (I left in 1978) but my father, uncle and two sons also attended.  My place at the school was provided free of charge to my parents under the Direct Grant system and I will always be grateful for that.  I am very excited about the new opportunities that the Fund will offer the school and generations of future pupils and I hope that my fellow Old Edwardians will consider supporting it."