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Assisted Places scheme shortlisted for award

19 April 2013

King Edward\'s School was nominated in April 2013 for the Birmingham Chamber of Commerce Award for excellence in contributing to the community.

The school was shortlisted in recognition of the £4 million raised for the Assisted Places scheme, which from September is funding 50 boys throughout the school, and for the school\'s outreach programme, which has engaged with 7,000 primary school pupils.

On being shortlisted for the award John Claughton, Chief Master, said: \"It may be a bit unusual for a school to be nominated for an award from the Chamber of Commerce, since we aren\'t involved in commerce, but we are delighted to be on the shortlist.

\"The aim of King Edward\'s School is to provide a world-class education for all boys of ability, whatever their background, and we think that this provides a great service to the community of Birmingham.

\"Education must be vital to the future of Birmingham and we will only be successful if our children can go on to compete with the very best. King Edward\'s School is deeply committed to playing its part in the future prosperity of this city through the quality of its education. After all, we have been doing that for over 460 years in this city.\"

Although King Edward\'s did not go on to win the award it was a fantastic achievement for the school to be recognised for its work with the community amongst some of Birmingham\'s top businesses.