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Jim Grant hosts event for American alumni

03 November 2017

In late October, Jim Grant (1973), otherwise known as best-selling author Lee Child, generously hosted a New York drinks and dinner reception for Old Edwardians based in North America.

The event took place in the elegant environs of the Union Square Café, presenting a fantastic opportunity for Chief Master Mark Fenton and Development Director Lindsey Mepham to meet Old Edwardians located across the Atlantic. We are extremely grateful to Jim for giving us such a unique opportunity.

It was a wonderful occasion, providing a chance to celebrate the success of the AP100 Campaign with those who were unable to make last year's UK-based events and to look ahead to our recently renewed fundraising drive for Assisted Places. We were delighted to connect with friends old and new, all of whom showed great enthusiasm for the future of the Assisted Places Fund. Jim delivered an emphatic speech on the need for continued support, offering his own perspective as a Sponsor who believes earnestly in the importance of endowment, and its role in preserving the future of King Edward's School. Jim's words have proven inspiring: we have already received a number of generous commitments and offers of assistance from our guests, and would like to thank everyone who came for their support.