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Telephone numbers add up to make a big difference

30 October 2013

Our annual telephone campaign has raised an incredible £275,000 making it one of the most successful alumni telephone campaigns in the UK.

Out of the 750 Old Edwardians who received calls from students, 60% pledged to make a gift and over 70% of those already giving increased their donation, generating an impressive four new Assisted Places.

This brings the total raised over the four telephone campaigns to £800,000 and there are now 20 boys within the school who would not have been able to attend without the generosity of the 850 Old Edwardians who have donated via these campaigns. With gifts ranging from £5 to £5,000, the support of each and every donor has made a great difference.

Many thanks to all Old Edwardians who have donated to the Assisted Places campaign so far and to the anonymous donor who gave an additional £50 for each Old Edwardian that increased their donation during the telephone campaign.

Find out more about the Assisted Places Fund and how to make a donation.