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Pupils push total raised by phone past £500,000

07 November 2012

A group of thirteen current pupils and recent leavers raised over £90,000 for the Assisted Places Fund during this year\'s telephone fundraising campaign taking the total raised to over £500,000 through telephone campaigns.

The Development Office ran its third telephone campaign in July this year and the total raised by all three campaigns has now broken through the £500,000 mark.

Almost 2,500 Old Edwardians have been contacted throughout the campaigns and nearly 50% pledged gifts to the Assisted Places Fund. The remarkable generosity of Old Edwardians means the number of Assisted Places funded through the campaigns is now 16, half the number of places in the school funded by the Trust. This, combined with other fundraising activities, means that 33 boys are now being funded, which is a huge step towards making an education at King Edward\'s genuinely accessible to all once again.

Following the reunion of the classes of 1972, 82, 92, and 02, Old Edwardians were encouraged to give together as a year group to collectively fund an Assisted Place. So far, with just six weeks of fundraising to go, the equivalent of £16,000 per year has been raised in total from the four year groups.

Find out more about year group giving and see how much each year group raised, read more about the Assisted Places Fund or donate now. Once again, a huge thank you to all Old Edwardians who have given to the fund and are supporting the school in its mission to be truly accessible to all bright boys.