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Film participants

We are very grateful to all twelve film participants, who kindly agreed to lend their support to the Campaign.

To find out more about the impact of Assisted Places, click on a photo below or on the names on the list.  


       Mansoor Khel (Shells)                 Osama Abdelkader (Rems)                William Harris (UMs)              Patrick Edwards (Fifths)  
Mansoor Khasan Khel (Shells) Osama Abdelkader (Rems)  William Harris (UMs)    Patrick Edwards (Fifths)                                                                                   

       Yanbo Yin (Divs)                 Adam Phillips (Sixths)                Yasser Mustafa (2006)             Guy Woodward (1991)

         Yanbo Yin (Divs)               Adam Phillips (Sixths)           Yassar Mustafa (2005)      Guy Woodward (1991)

        Ian Metcalfe (1976)               Ian Plenderleith (1961)                 David Sells (1946)              Ronald Naylor (1931)
       Ian Metcalfe (1976)          Ian Plenderleith (1961)            David Sells (1946)            Ronald Naylor (1931)