King Edward's School Home


The following donors are funding one or more Assisted Places. One sponsor has asked to remain anonymous. The Trustees would particularly like to thank John Osborn (1962) who is funding eight Assisted Places and The Tolkien Trust who are partly funding three Assisted Places. The Trustees would also like to pay tribute to Sir Douglas Hague (1943) and Dennis Hadley (1951) who are also sponsoring places but who sadly are not longer with us.

Peter Walters 1949
Graham Kinsman 1959
Edward Lambourne 1968
Martin Leadbetter 1969
Glen Bishop 1973
Jim Grant 1973
Michael Evans 1974
Kenneth McKelvey 1974
David Cummings 1975
John Betteridge 1976
Ian Metcalfe 1976
Duncan Shuttleworth 1976
Stuart Southall 1976
Simon Vickers 1976
Trevor Bayley 1979
Brian Cummings 1979
Andy Street 1981
Waj Hashmi 1990
Lee Bushell 2000
Tim Clarke  
Chris Gill  
Janet White  
Old Edwardians Association  
The Grimmitt Trust    
The Tolkien Trust    

Sponsors - in memoriam

Five of the sponsors have chosen to make their donations in memory of a member of their family.

Jim Grant - in memory of his parents, John and Audrey Grant
Michael Evans - in memory of his brother, the late Anthony Evans (1972)
David and Brian Cummings – in memory of their parents, Wesley and Sheila Cummings
Chris Gill - in memory of his step-grandfather, Commander Sidney Langley, the former Acting Chief Master
Janet White - in memory of her husband, Patrick White (1949)