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About your Communication Options

A special relationship exists between King Edward's School Birmingham, Old Edwardians, and our friends and supporters. We enjoy staying in touch with you, hearing your news, and welcoming you back to School. We want to communicate with you in a way which reflects your preferences, and would be grateful if you could complete the consent form above so that we can continue to stay in touch, in the way that you wish us to. From time to time and where you also have a relationship with King Edward VI High School for Girls, we may also contact you to share news, event information, and updates from the King Edward VI High School for Girls Development & OE Office. Your privacy is important to us, and details of how your data will be held, processed and for what purpose, are available here.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I tailor my communication options?

At the bottom of the form, there are five options for you to choose from. Simply choose 'yes' for methods by which you are happy for us to contact you, and 'no' for any others, and then click 'submit'. It's that easy!

Why should I remain a member of the Old Edwardian Association?

For generations, the Old Edwardian Association has kept alumni and friends in touch with the school and with one another. Membership has a number of benefits, like our events, publications, OEA discounts and expanding your contacts through the OEA Careers Network, as well as regular opportunities to catch up with school friends. We've also helped to reconnect lots of OEAs who have lost touch with their classmates over the years, and offered opportunities for them to meet their old teachers.

Our alumni also play an integral part in ensuring KES retains its unique atmosphere, and stays accessible to all bright boys. Dozens of Old Edwardians come in to speak to the boys each year as part of our Careers Curriculum, offering valuable advice and insights into a diverse spectrum of careers. Hundreds more support the boys by giving to the Assisted Places Fund, or by offering boys individual mentoring or work experience through our Careers Network.

With membership of over 3,000 alumni, plus former staff, parents and friends of the School, the Old Edwardian Association offers unique and mutually beneficial opportunities to all those connected with KES.

The communication options I want are not on this form. What should I do?

Just get in touch! There are various ways we can tailor your record to ensure you receive only communications that interest you. For example, if you want to receive publications but not events emails. Any member of the team can set this up for you, simply get in touch with the office.

What about KEHS?

From time to time, and only where you also have a relationship with KEHS, we may also contact you to share school news, event information, and updates on The KEHS Trust campaign. If you have a pre-existing relationship with KEHS, but only want to hear about KES, simply get in touch and we'll ensure you only receive KES communications.

How do I opt out of the Old Edwardian Association?

To opt out of the Old Edwardian Association, simply complete the form and choose 'no' for all communication options. After an automated confirmation email for your records, you'll hear no more from us.

But, before you go - did you know that you can tailor your record so that you only receive the information that interests you? Make your choice in the communications settings section of this form, or by contacting the office.

I am opting out of the Old Edwardian Association. Why do I have to provide my details?

We are in touch with several thousand Old Edwardians and friends of KES. We need your contact information so that we can verify your identity and apply the new settings you have chosen to the right person. We'll also send you an email confirmation that we have received your submission, for your records. Once we have completed our communications update, we will remove all unnecessary data from our systems.

If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch.